1. Can someone who is not a South African citizen purchase property in Marloth Park.


2. What are the monthly costs associated with owning a property in Marloth Park:

Marloth Park property is full title, free hold property. This means that you will need to pay rates and taxes every month. This amount varies depending on the property but you can budget for anything from: R190 – R500 per month. This amount includes your basic water charge, refuse removal charge, property tax and entrance security.

3. Can I build more than one house on my stand.

No comprar priligy. Marloth Park is a unique environment with a very delicate eco-system. Each property needs to leave a certain amount of plants and grasses accessible to the animals and insects that all roam around the park freely. By building more than one house on a property, you not only take away valuable grazing and habitat from the animals, but you also put unnecessary strain on the ground water and other infrastructure.

4. How big are the properties in Marloth Park?

They range in size from 1500m2 and increase to anything up to 2800m2 with a few exceptionally large ones close to 3000m2.

5. If I have a house in Marloth Park, who maintains it if I only use it as a holiday home for a short period of the year?

There are several home management and maintenance services in the area that can oversees the day to day running of your property for you for a fee. They will provide a bespoke service based on your needs and can also assist with the rental aspect of your property should you want to pursue this as an additional income stream.

6. Are pets allowed in Marloth Park?

No. Marloth Park borders the Kruger National Park and is in a very delicate environment for flora and fauna. The spread of alien vegetation, diseases and cross species breeding is a very real concern for this area, and thus no domestic animal are allowed in the area. Please leave your pets at home, and enjoy the wildlife that roams freely around the properties in Marloth Park.

7. How long has Marloth Park been around?

Marloth Park was established in 1977. It has gained substantial popularity during this time for its' uniqueness and affordability. Its' close proximity to the Kruger National Park, Maputo and Swaziland make it the ideal holiday destination.

8. How do I purchase a property in Marloth Park?

If you have found a property which you would like to purchase the first step is to complete an offer to purchase. This document varies in length depending on the conditions applicable to the sale. However in general our contracts are either five or six pages long and require the details of both the seller and the purchaser. Your offer, once completed will need to be accepted by the seller who will then complete the same document and send it back to the agent assisting you with the purchase. This contract is then sent to the conveyancing attorneys who draw up the relevant documents for lodging the transaction at the Deeds Office in Nelspruit. The conveyancing attorney will also request the funds for the purchase of the property from you. These will be paid into the attorneys trust account. The attorneys oversee all of this and keep in contact with both the seller and purchaser during the entire transaction. This process (from signing the documents to registration of the property into the purchaser's name) takes on average about two months.

9. What if I want to build my own house or alter an existing structure. Are the materials readily available and what about artisans to oversee the work?

There are several suppliers in the area to choose from. Doing work of this nature in this area can be done with ease, when choosing the right service providers.

10. Can I build a wooden house

You can. However you need to take into account the environment and wood available for the construction of the house. Wooden houses in Marloth Park do require additional maintenance. The climate in Marloth Park needs to be taken into consideration when looking at timber houses. There are several service providers in the area who can assist in this regard.